Great Barrier Reef, Green Island Cairns Australia

MEET GAVIN - Our Superstar Parrotfish

Gavin is our resident Bluebarred Parrotfish who joins us nearly every dive to 'photobomb' He just cannot help himself. He tries to get his beaky smile in nearly every photo.
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Some facts about Gavin:

  • Gavin is a Bluebarred parrotfish
  • Parrotfish are closely related to Wrasse
  • Bluebarred parrotfish grow up to 1m and 6.5kg
  • Teeth in both jaws are fused into a parrot-like beak
  • Adults like Gavin normally swim solitary
  • Feed by scrapping algae from the reef and coral
  • Vital to the reef building process because they crush rubble and dead coral into sand as they feed
  • On the Great Barrier Reef normally found in lagoons, seagrass beds and reef zones 3-30m in depth
  • In Australia found from north-west Western Australia, around the tropical north and south to southern New South Wales
  • Many species of parrotfish form a cocoon-like mucus structure at night to help mask their scent for predators


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